5 Top Benefits of Opting for a Manba Finance Two-Wheeler Loan

Two-Wheeler Loan

When we ask people their reasons for hesitance toward getting two-wheeler loans, we get answers like “I don’t want to deal with the hassle of lengthy application procedures.”, “Two-wheeler finance interest rates are always so high.”, “I’m afraid the hefty EMIs will affect my monthly budget.” These preconceived notions behind loans are largely stemming from the way things were in the past. 

However, Manba Finance has tackled these loopholes and devised solutions to make two-wheeler finance easier, more accessible, and undeniably irresistible for everyone! How, you ask? Keep reading to find out! 

Problem #1: Cumbersome loan application process

Securing loans involves enduring lengthy queues, filling out many application forms, making multiple visits to the lender, and waiting many days for loan approval and disbursal. 

Manba Finance solution: Digitization of two-wheeler finance 

Manba Finance has introduced a simplified online application process so everyone can apply for loans from the comfort of their homes. What makes it more hassle-free? There’s no need for extensive paperwork! If you need a two-wheeler loan, you can visit the Manba Finance website, check your two-wheeler loan eligibility, click ‘Apply now’, and fill out just one online form in a matter of seconds. 

Problem #2: Multiple document submissions

Applying for two-wheeler finance has always been associated with a demanding checklist of document submissions, such as an Aadhar card, electricity bill, salary slips, and income tax assessments. With everyone leading busy schedules, gathering everything, taking photocopies, and submitting them is rather time-consuming, not to mention boring! 

Manba Finance solution: Only three document submissions

Manba Finance has further streamlined the loan application process by reducing the required documentation. We only ask for three essential documents, all of which you can conveniently submit online: 

  • Any one proof of identity with the full date of birth
  • Any one proof of residence
  • Any one proof of income (salaried/ self-employed)

Problem #3: Limited variety of two-wheeler models available for loan 

It’s a common belief that getting the ‘dream’ vehicle remains a dream if you apply for a two-wheeler loan. You have to settle for two-wheelers offered by the lending company, leaving little room for personal preference. 

Manba Finance solution: Financing various types and brands of two-wheelers

Whether you need a new or a pre-owned bike loan, scooter loan or EV two-wheeler loan, Manba Finance has made arrangements for it all, ensuring every user’s needs are fulfilled. In addition to that, we collaborate with all top two-wheeler brands in the market, such as Hero, TVS, Honda, and Suzuki. Whatever your pick is, we can finance it! 

Problem #4: High two-wheeler loan interest rates + hefty EMIs = Budgeting problems

Most people avoid taking loans because they don’t want to deal with the stress of debt burden for months or years. 

Manba Finance solution: Competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options

Manba Finance facilitates the lowest two-wheeler loan interest rates and comfortable loan tenures of 6-48 months, ensuring EMIs are never a burden for anyone! You can use the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to determine a convenient repayment schedule. 

Problem #5: Limited methods of loan repayment

While lenders offer many methods of repaying a loan, such as online payments, automatic bank deductions, or check payments, most do not offer the flexibility of cash repayments. 

Manba Finance solution: Diverse loan repayment options

Choosing a two-wheeler loan with Manba Finance grants you the flexibility to pay EMIs through online transactions or cash installments.

Manba Finance is your one-stop shop for bike, scooter, and EV two-wheeler loans!

Do you need more reasons to trust Manba Finance besides the lucrative benefits? We bring you jaw-dropping statistics: 27 years of experience, established in 64 locations across five states, 800+ dealers network, 1300+ qualified staff, 900,000+ loans disbursed at the lowest two-wheeler loan interest rate! 

If you need clarification on two-wheeler loan eligibility, two-wheeler loan interest rates, or anything else before you hit the ‘Apply now’ button, please get in touch with our representatives. We’re committed to making your dream vehicle a reality today and now!

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