Discover Our Story & Mission

Supporting you, every step of the way
Discover Our Story & Mission
Supporting you, every step of the way

The Company has maintained the rating of BBB+ by CARE Rating Agency.

Manba Finance Ltd has adopted an integrated approach to lending, with the technology infrastructure and related back-end support functions similar to that of a retail bank. This integrated approach has enabled it to manage increasing business volumes and optimize overall efficiencies. Manba Finance Ltd provides complete assurance and maintains the high level of transparency in every deal.

Our ethical approach has helped clients to develop long term and strong bonds with companies which work on a strong value system. Across India’s cities, small towns and villages, people are aspiring to change their destiny through courage and fast access to capital. At Manba Finance Ltd., it is both an honour and a responsibility for us to help people in their hour of need.

Manba Finance Limited have made a mark by being completely ethical and transparent in all dealings and ensuring that customers are satisfied by services at all times.


Manba Finance merges innovation with empathy, utilizing technology to deliver rapid loan solutions, fostering an unbreakable bond throughout your financial expedition.


Our vision is anchored in a digitally advanced India, where financial solutions are effortless and swift for everyone. Our commitment to providing paperless, hassle-free and quick finance solutions is paralleled by our dedication to social responsibility, amplifying positive change within society.

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