Want to Check Your Two Wheeler Loan Eligibility? Here’s how you can do it.

If you are considering a two-wheeler loan but have many questions regarding your eligibility, you have landed at the right place! You will likely find your answers through today’s discussion, where we have explored the experiences of three individuals, their need for two-wheeler finance, and the factors that qualify them for the loan. Let’s begin!

Scenario #1: Aaditya, 22 yo, newly employed individual 

Aaditya, a recent college graduate, secured his first job through campus placement. Six months into his employment, he found the work enjoyable and the compensation fair. The only downside? A three-hour commute involving three different modes of public transportation.

A colleague recommended a direct office commute to cut his travel time by half. Aaditya got convinced and thought of investing in a bike. However, he neither had much savings nor did he want to burden his parents with extra expenses. Soon, he discovered a bike loan EMI calculator and explored two-wheeler finance options.

Aaditya fulfilled the three essential eligibility criteria: he was above 21 years of age, a resident of India, and had an operative bank account. Having been employed for six months, he checked off another eligibility factor. Finally, he also had all the required documents like an Aadhar card, electricity bill and salary slip. To his delight, his two-wheeler loan got approved! Now, he cruises through the city roads, significantly reducing his commute time. With the extra time on his hands after work, he can engage in various activities, enhancing his overall quality of life.

Scenario #2: Avni, 30 yo, self-employed individual 

Avni, a self-taught baker and cake artist, started her cake business during the lockdown days. Initially, she took orders exclusively from her society’s residents. As word spread, requests began pouring in from various parts of the city. Avni decided to tap the opportunity to expand her business and promptly took strategic steps to support the growing demand.

However, one challenge she faced was timely customer deliveries. She would have to increase her rates if she partnered with third-party delivery services. Her husband proposed an alternative that would be better in the long run: delivery vehicles! Avni estimated an average monthly loan amount using a two-wheeler loan calculator. When she learned it was feasible, she checked her two-wheeler loan eligibility.

Being a 30-year-old Indian with an operative bank account, there were no hurdles regarding her age, nationality, and banking. Another significant eligibility factor was her income. Since Avni’s business had been running successfully for over two years with a consistent monthly income of around ₹ 25,000 as per her previous income tax filings, her two-wheeler loan was promptly sanctioned! It allowed her to enhance her delivery capabilities and support her thriving cake business.

Scenario #3: Prakash, 48 yo, salaried individual 

Prakash, a private sector employee, lives with his family, including his mother, wife, and two daughters aged 9 and 13. Since he returns home late and has to go on frequent office trips, his wife takes on the responsibilities of dropping off the girls to their school, tuition, and hobby classes, taking her mother-in-law to her doctor appointments, and handling everyday grocery shopping.

Prakash felt an EV bike would make her life more convenient, quick, and stress-free. A brief online search made him realise opting for a two-wheeler loan is much better than making a one-time purchase. He compared a few bike loan interest rates and checked his eligibility. Having a consistent income and high credit score, he successfully got the loan and surprised his wife with the EV bike!

Manba Finance is ever ready for your two-wheeler finance!

If you wish to secure a low or 0 interest two wheeler loan like Aaditya, Avni, and Prakash, you can rely on Manba Finance, reputable for quick online loan disbursals. Our eligibility criteria is fairly simplified:

  • Age (21-60 years)
  • Nationality (Indian)
  • Operative bank account
  • Minimal documents

So, apply for your dream vehicle today!

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