Top Strategies for First-Time Buyers Applying for a Two-Wheeler Loan

first-time bike loan applicants tips

If you plan to apply for a two-wheeler loan for the first time, you probably have many queries in mind! While there is a ton of information on two-wheeler financing available on the internet, it is always better to learn through the experiences of people who have successfully secured bike loans. 

Manba Finance asked five first-time bike loan buyers to share their valuable insights. From assessing financial readiness to preparing the necessary documentation, they’ve brought together all the essential bike loan tips you will ever need!

“First and foremost, compare loan options”: Aashish, 56

Aashish wanted to surprise his daughter with an EV two-wheeler for her marriage anniversary. Instead of digging into his savings to make a lump sum payment, he opted for a bike loan. 

He shared his findings with us for other first-time buyers: “First and foremost, I would suggest comparing two-wheeler financing options, including interest rates, tenure flexibility, eligibility criteria, application process, and processing charges. After thorough research, I found Manba Finance to be one of the most reliable lenders.”

“Ensure that your finances are in place”: Gaurav, 27

Gaurav, a young marketing professional in Mumbai, recently bought a bike on loan for his daily commute to the office. He felt it was the best way to escape the crowded local trains, buses, and shared cabs. A month into this decision, he finds himself thoroughly satisfied. 

When we asked him for bike loan tips, he shared, “When I thought of purchasing a bike, I first looked at my monthly income, expenses, and savings. Being a bachelor living on rent in an expensive city, I wanted to make sure I could afford a down payment and EMIs without affecting my budget. Using the Manba Finance EMI calculator, I figured out the numbers that would work for me. So, my number one tip for first-time bike loan applicants is, before anything, ensure that your finances are in place.”

“Having a high credit score gives you an edge!”: Alisha, 45

As a travel blogger, Alisha always looked for new experiences to write about. One of her wishes on her bucket list was to learn how to ride a bike, go on motorcycle trips, and blog about her adventures. At 40, she finally enrolled in a riding school and got her driver’s license. After this, she financed a bike with the help of a two-wheeler loan.

Sharing her tips for first-time bike loan applicants, she said, “One of the things that made a huge difference when I was applying for a loan was having a high credit score. Since it was above 750, not only did it help accelerate my loan approval, but I also got it at a low-interest rate. While it’s not impossible to get a loan with a low credit score, having a high credit score gives you an edge!”

“Gather all the required documents”: Preeti, 38

Besides being a mother of two school-going children, Preeti is a businesswoman running her homemade food delivery services in Bengaluru. She got a pre-owned two-wheeler on loan to manage her hectic daily responsibilities. 

Emphasising the importance of documentation, she said, “For first-time bike loan buyers, my advice is to check out the lender’s website and gather all the required documents before starting the loan application process. This way, you can avoid last-minute hassles and ensure it does not affect your loan approval.

“Always contact the lenders before applying for the loan online”: Kamlesh, 45

Kamlesh, who recently secured a two-wheeler loan for his business activities, told us, “I believe loan applicants should always contact the lender and clarify their doubts on how to get a bike loan. Besides, it can also help you assess the lender’s authenticity and credibility.” 

Secure your bike loan with Manba Finance today! 

Now that you have the proper knowledge of two-wheeler loans, it is time to apply for it and get your hands on your desired bike, scooter, or EV two-wheeler. Aashish, Gaurav, Alisha, Preeti, and Kamlesh trusted Manba Finance. Would you, too? 

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