6 Smart Uses for a Personal Loan (Besides Debt Consolidation)

Personal Loan

We all save for rainy days, but sometimes life throws a curveball where even emergency funds don’t suffice, right? In such situations, you can rely on a personal loan!

Manba Finance currently offers online personal loans to customers who have previously taken loans for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, or cars from them. 

Today, we have highlighted the stories of five such people, their reasons to get a personal loan, and how Manba Finance fulfilled their unique requirements. Save this post or take notes to better prepare for life’s twists and turns!

“I wanted to support my son’s goal to study abroad.” Anil, 53

When Anil’s son suddenly announced his decision to study abroad, it caught him off guard, as he had not saved up sufficient funds to finance foreign education. He told us, “Even though sending my son abroad was expensive, I wanted to support his goals, seeing his dedication and hard work. Luckily, Manba Finance was offering personal loans to their past customers. I filled out the personal loan application and got the loan of 15 lakhs within 48 hours!”

“I decided to get a personal loan for my daughter’s big fat Indian wedding”: Rohini, 55

Rohini’s daughter dreamt of a destination wedding in Goa, with the backdrop of pristine beaches and lush greenery. She shared the reasons for her personal loan application: “Destination weddings are exorbitant! But Manba Finance was offering personal loan offers to their patrons, and I decided to use the opportunity to fulfil her wishes. I was falling short of around ten lakhs for her big fat Indian wedding. So I chose the ‘personal loan online apply‘ option and made her dream come true!” 

“My twins wanted phones, PS5, and whatnot! Personal loan came to my rescue.”: Dheeraj, 45

When Dheeraj’s twin sons aced their board exams, they were keen on tech upgrades, just like every Gen Z kid! He explained his online personal loan journey: “My boys wanted the latest smartphones, headphones, PS5, home theatre system, and whatnot! The total costs were coming up to around two lakhs. That’s when the Manba Finance personal loan apply online feature came to my rescue. Managing EMIs is not as burdening as taking out emergency funds.” 

“I needed a huge sum for my mother’s treatment at the earliest.”: Smita, 35 

Smita’s mother needed spinal surgery after she had a fall accident. All medical expenses, including hospitalisation, diagnostic testing, surgery, medications, medical equipment, and post-surgery recovery were crossing ten lakhs. Smita shared, “I needed a huge sum for her treatment at the earliest. It was stressing me out. I contacted Manba Finance, and they helped me complete the online paperwork and get a personal loan within two days.”

“I used a personal loan for home renovation.”: Rajesh, 45

Rajesh recently moved with his family to his ancestral property in Ahmedabad to achieve a better quality of life. He said, “Before we relocated to our house, we needed to ensure it was completely revamped for comfortable living. I used Manba Finance’s personal loan offer when the renovation costs exceeded my budget. It was a seamless process—online application, easy eligibility criteria, minimal documents, flexible tenures, and quick disbursal!”

“I wanted to take my grandmother on a trip abroad.”: Sara, 27

Sara wanted to take her grandmother on a Europe trip to celebrate her 80th birthday. However, she had started her job just three years ago and didn’t have enough savings. She shared, “My dad was ready to sponsor our trip, but I was adamant about managing everything independently. So, he asked me to approach Manba Finance for a loan. Since I had a steady job, I was eligible to avail of the ‘personal loan online apply’ option!” 

Are you facing an unexpected life situation? Apply for a personal loan from Manba Finance today! 

Many people are under the impression that this type of loan is only used for debt consolidation. But today, you learnt five lesser-known brilliant uses of personal loan online apply. It doesn’t stop there. Our customers have used online personal loans for travel plans, vehicle repairs, business expansion, milestone celebrations, and more! So, if you want one for your needs and are wondering how to apply for a personal loan online, Manba Finance representatives will gladly guide you! Contact us today!

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