How does buying a two-wheeler on loan during festive seasons benefit you?

two-wheeler on loan during festive seasons

Have you been thinking of buying a two-wheeler on loan? You may want to schedule your purchase during the latter half of the year when the festive season is in full swing, particularly between September and December.

In case you’re wondering why, four individuals shared their reasons for opting for two-wheeler loans during the festive months. Their insights can help you make an informed decision whenever you look for bike finance near you to secure the best 2-wheeler loan.

“I knew bike companies launched new models around Diwali.”: Sahil, 28

Sahil always dreamt of buying his first bike with his hard-earned money. As making lump sum investments was not feasible for him, he decided to purchase a two-wheeler on loan in November.

When we asked him why he chose that month specifically, he shared, “I wanted to get my hands on one of the newest bikes in the market with the best features and latest technologies. I knew renowned bike companies like Hero, TVS, Honda, and Suzuki typically launched brand-new models around Diwali.”

Automobile manufacturers know Indians consider festive seasons auspicious for making big purchases. Strategically tapping this opportunity, they release new models during festival time and partner with various lenders to provide the best 2-wheeler loan offers on these fresh releases.

“Year-end discounts are worth it.”: Amit, 40

When Amit’s office shifted to a new location far from his home, he considered getting a two-wheeler for his commute. The catch was that he was the only earning member of the family because his wife had quit her job to take care of their newborn twins. Since he could not afford to spend his savings, he looked up ‘bike finance near me’ and found the desired lender for his two-wheeler loan.

Amit told us, “I had the choice between purchasing a second-hand bike or waiting for a clearance sale to grab a new one at a reduced price. Opting for the latter turned out to be a fantastic deal! I’m happy with my decision because I can now travel on my new bike without the burden of high EMIs. For those facing budget constraints, I advise patiently waiting for year-end discounts—they’re definitely worth it!”

Automobile companies offer competitive pricing on their old two-wheeler models to maximise sales before the new year begins.

“Benefits like low two-wheeler interest rate and minimal down payment attracted me.”: Dr Diya, 35

Dr Diya, a government doctor, was transferred to a small city that lacked public transportation for intra-city travel. She figured everyone relied on their personal vehicles and decided to get a two-wheeler on loan to manage her daily responsibilities.

She shared her interesting online research findings: “I wanted to buy a scooter as soon as possible without spending too much. It was around Christmas, and most financers had attractive festive offers like the lowest two-wheeler loan interest rates and minimal down payments. It was perfect!”

Other than the deals mentioned by Dr Diya, lenders offer benefits like zero processing charges, cashback, discounts, flexible repayment schemes, free accessories, and vouchers.

“I was getting a good exchange offer.”: Aarti, 50

Even though Aarti had been riding a two-wheeler for the last five years, she desired to upgrade to an EV scooter. Emotional attachment initially held her back, but her perspective changed when she saw a newspaper advertisement. She excitedly told us, “I had the opportunity to exchange my two-wheeler for a brand new EV at the lowest two-wheeler loan interest rate. How could I let go of this amazing offer?”

Like Aarti, if you have an old bike or scooter you wish to exchange, there’s no better time than the festive sales!

Do you want to buy a bike this festive season? Get the best 2-wheeler loan today! 

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