Empowering Small Businesses: Navigating Your Way to a Vyapar Loan

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Do you wish to grow your business but are concerned about the funding? Perhaps you are under the impression that you need a well-established company to get a loan. Well, it’s time to dismiss that notion because here’s a secret: you can get a small business loan of up to ₹10 lakhs if your business has been running for three or more years. 

If the concept of a Vyapar loan is new to you, read the success stories of four individuals who went ahead with a collateral-free business loan. Today, their businesses have grown to greater heights.

Swathi’s homemade pickles

Swathi is a stay-at-home mom, famous for her lip-smacking pickles. From neighbors to friends, her tangy tomato, spicy green chili, and sweet mango pickles reached everyone’s homes whenever she made them. They often told her, “Swathi, you must start selling your pickles!” Then, one day, she decided to take the plunge and start her business using her savings. 

After selling hundreds of pickle jars through social media and local fairs, she decided it was time to take her business to the next level. She aimed to scale up her pickle production and sell it across India. She needed a staff, an e-commerce website, marketing, packaging, and shipping services to see her vision come to life. 

Swathi thought of choosing a small business loan to fulfill her dream. Being a 40-year-old with over three years of business experience and consistent cash flow in her account, she fulfilled the basic eligibility criteria. She also submitted all the necessary documents, and a fast business loan of ₹10 lakhs was sanctioned within a week of loan approval. Swathi’s brand ‘Pickle Mama’ has flourished since then—she employed five women to help her, released over 20 pickle flavors on her website, and delivered her products in 6 states and counting! 

Ramesh’s printing shop 

Around two decades ago, Ramesh migrated from a small village in Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai in search of better prospects. He tried his luck at many retail stores, including grocery, hardware, and clothing stores, before eventually finding stability for around 15 years at a printing shop near a school. 

Having saved up enough money over the years, he made up his mind to start his own photocopy and printer shop in the vicinity of another school. Five successful years into the business, he decided to offer more products at his shop that would benefit the students, like stationery. 

One of his friends suggested he consider a Vyapar loan to execute his idea. He explained the benefits of small business loans like online applications, minimal documentation, and, most importantly, disbursal without submitting any securities. 

Convinced by his friend’s idea, Ramesh used the Vyapar loan EMI calculator and finalized upon a collateral-free business loan of ₹80,000 for a tenure of 4 years with a monthly EMI of ₹3097. His business idea was a hit, and his profits increased significantly!

Dimple’s tailoring business

Using her mother’s sewing machine, Dimple started repairing clothes for people to support her family. Soon, she discovered she had a talent for stitching clothes from scratch. Taking inspiration from social media trends, she started designing women’s dresses. As her reputation grew, so did her workload. Realizing the need for assistance, Dimple wanted to hire two additional team members. However, it required more capital, equipment, and inventory. 

A TV advertisement motivated her to go for a small business loan. Being over 25 years old and having all the documents, including ID proof, address proof, bank statement, business existence proof, and property ownership proof, Dimple swiftly secured an online loan of ₹2,50,000 to support her growing venture.

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Swathi, Ramesh, and Dimple grew their businesses with the help of fast business loans sanctioned by Manba Finance. If you wish for your business journey to see similar success, give us a call today to learn ‘how to apply for a Vyapar loan’!

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