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Welcome to MFL's website. At MFL, the customer is our absolute priority - and this is not a cliché. We live it every day! We seek to make a difference in the quality of customer service by focusing on the quality and satisfaction of our employees. We strive to attract the right people, develop them and reward them for their commitment and output. With well trained and dedicated staff as the foundation, we expect to constantly be ahead of our competitors through the use of modern technology, simple, easy-to understand products and convenient channels.

Our business strategy driven by a well-designed risk appetite framework, our relentless focus on credit quality, focus on reshaping the asset book towards secured business and use of sophisticated analytics have enabled us to build a high quality asset portfolio and ensure an excellent business performance.

Manba Finance leverages its wide network with extensive domain knowledge, cutting-edge analytics, and deployment of advanced digital technology to empower individuals and improve livelihoods.

Adequate liquidity buffers in terms of cash and equivalents are maintained by the Company to be sufficiently funded for near- term lending and repayments. Over the years, funding resources have been vastly diversified giving us the impetus to grow with confidence.

Manba Finance has always maintained the highest Corporate Governance standards and practices. The Cardinal Principles of Independence, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency, Fair and Timely Disclosures and the Best Board Practices are strictly adhered to for discharging the Company’s Responsibility towards its shareholders, customers, employees and Lending Institutions.

Having been in operations for over 20 years, MFL is a symbol of stability in the financial services sector. This means that everyone can trust us as a credible financing partner to deliver the best products and services through our experience and understanding of the market.

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